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partnership ideas

How Schools Can Successfully Partner with Local Businesses
One school network raised graduation rates to 97 percent through smart partnerships. Learn how. more
Folio from a Ashtasahashirika Prajnaparamita Manuscript (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Visualize the World
Museum resources and educational resources that help students develop visual literacy and a better understanding of the world. more
Twitter for the #GlobalEducator
Eight types of hashtags and a list of who to follow for educators teaching about and connecting with the world. more
Apps: Global and Mobile Learning
Technology has changed the way people learn. Our picks for apps that build global competence. more
Gaming: Leveling Up Global Competence
How online games can prepare students for the global knowledge economy. more
Model United Nations (UNA-USA)
Simulations: Real-World Practice
Simulating global collaboration helps students develop global competence. Here's how to get started. more
Best Web 2.0 Sites for Global Learning
How can students shape the future through global media? Here's how. more
Cool Websites for Kids
Go global instantly with some of these tech tools for children. more
English Language Arts in a Changing World: Resources to Get Started
A listing of book collections, news sources, and student project ideas for the worldly English language arts classroom. more
Image: Paul Cowan
Resource List
A printable guide of products and services that supports global learning in your school. more