Lesson Plans and Curricular Resources

Food is a good way to introduce young people to a variety of countries and cultures. Learn how educators can design learning units using cooking as an instructional strategy to develop young people's global understanding through cuisine.
An overview of ways to use our afterschool quick sheets to help implement global learning activities.
How to help young people discover the connections between local issues and global impact.
Simulating global collaboration helps students develop global competence. Here's how to get started.
How to use free tools to connect with the greater world.
Five project ideas that will excite your students and connect them to the world.
How can students shape the future through global media? Here's how.
A recent study found that 93% of American teens are online. Out-of-school time provide young people with opportunities to connect to new ideas, peers, and experiences.
Learn about Lunar new Year in Vietnam and why it is an especially good time to review good manners.
Discover Australia, its unique geography and animals, and Aborigine culture through this art-based lesson plan.
Teach children about an important Chinese invention: paper! Learn about the history of paper and its many uses (some quite surprising). The lesson concludes with a paper cut-out activity.
This lesson focuses on using museums, or more precisely, artwork or artifacts, as resources to study history and geography.
Explore the global lineage of civil rights movements.