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Federal Funding Sources
Ways to use federal dollars to pay for global learning and school reform. more
Recommendations to the President and Secretary of Education
Five key policy recommendations from select national education organizations. more
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Dear Mr. President
Your election dramatically signifies America’s ability to renew and reinvent itself in response to the urgent need for change. Nowhere is this clearer than in education. more
Students are living in a global world. Teachers must be prepared and online learning can help. Photo: iStockPhoto
Five Benefits of Online Learning for Teachers
In recent years, technology has offered educators the opportunity to benefit from online professional development and continuing education. more
Coursework about international relations, area studies and foreign languages have not traditionally been a part of teacher training programs in this country. There is an urgent need to remedy that. (iStockPhoto)
Teaching the World
The world is changing, and, inescapably, America is changing along with it. Unfortunately, our schools are not responding to these challenges as rapidly or as effectively as they should. more