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making the case

Scene from a 1982 Asia Society documentary series on Japanese sixth graders. (Asia Society)
From Offering a 'Deeper Understanding' of Asia to Leading the Push for 'Global Competence'
60 years of Asia Society education work culminate in launch of Center for Global Education. more

Defining Global Competence

Watch a short overview of Asia Society's definition of global competence. more

Preparing Students for the World

Watch how Fort Vancouver High School partnered with Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network to prepare all of their students to graduate globally competent and prepared for the future. more
CIS Hong Kong
The Future Speaks Chinese
"Language is a currency for trust, and respect; it provides bricks and mortar for building an ability to explore the beauty of diverse cultures, traditions, and historical perspectives." more

Zhangyi Shi's High School Intermediate-Low Chinese Class in Richmond, Virginia

Meet Zhangyi Shi, a Chinese language teacher at a Richmond, Virginia high school, as she teaches her students how to order food in Mandarin. more

The Power of Global Competence

School leaders, teachers, and students discuss the importance of global competence. more

Educating for Citizenship in a Global World - Keynote Remarks

Kevin Rudd, Josette Sheeran, Lulu Wang, Svein Østtveit, and Sarah Brown speak at a special forum to discuss how to educate all students for a global era. more
Flagship Participants Find Their Voice (and Future) in Chinese
Graduates of the Chinese Language Flagship Program at Arizona State University are proof that attaining a superior level of Chinese in four years is feasible. more
Workforce Development in Afterschool
Workforce development in afterschool and summer programs prepares youth for the 21st century. more
Use this toolkit for Mapping the Nation to raise awareness and support for global education! more