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learning with the world

England: How to Sustain A High-Performing School System
Their plan worked. Achievement was on the rise--then it hit a plateau. Now what? more
Australia Strives for Excellence and Equity
The story of how one high-performing nation seeks to do better. more
China is focusing an excellence and equity education agenda in the coming decade. (Planet Love/flickr)
China's 2020 Education Reform Strategy
China will focus on four areas of education reform in the coming decade. more
Students in Japan have the benefit of many teachers' expertise. (alexa627/flickr)
Lesson from Japan
All curriculum in Japan has the contribution of many teachers and is informed by a feedback loop. Read about it, and check out a tool to get started! more
International Summit on the Teaching Profession
When top educators around the world get together to share ideas, big things happen. more
A diverse student body in Singapore reflects its multicultural society that resulted when its economy boomed. (ssedro/Creative Commons)
How Singapore Developed a High-Quality Teacher Workforce
See how one country dreamed, designed, and then delivered a world-class teaching force. more
Excerpt: Brandeis University President Jehuda Reinharz on the purpose of a liberal arts education. (2 min., 30 sec.)
For Universities, A Major 21st Century Role
In India, top American educator argues that the classic liberal arts education is now more relevant than ever. more
An Afghan girl in school. (Roger Lemoyne/UN)
Global Education Summit Reveal Shared Goals
Nations share a common interest in boosting high-quality education and harnessing technology for learning. more
A world at every student's fingertips. (JamesBrey/iStockPhoto)
Best Practices from High-Achieving Nations
What can the U.S. education system learn from nations that out-perform us in international benchmarking tests? Some practical advice from Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond. more
Students play in a temporary classroom at the Juyuan Township Primary School in Dujiangyan, in China's Sichuan Province, on Sept. 5, 2008. (China Photos/Getty Images)
Learning with the World
Bringing lessons from the world's best school systems home. more