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Discuss: International Rankings
Sound off on what you think about the international rankings and what should happen with American education reform. more
A recent study ranks US schools systems 26th in the world, below those of Asian nations. What can America learn from the best education systems in the world? (1 min., 12 sec.)
Asia: New Top of the Class
A worldwide new education survey ranks US students well behind many of their Asian counterparts. Can America still catch up? more
Hong Kong: Reform that Works
An international port city reformed its education to meet the new opportunities of a knowledge economy. more
(plastic spatula/flickr)
Shanghai: The World's Best School System
What they do right, and what the rest of the world can learn. more
What is PISA and Why Does it Matter?
What the numbers reveal can have a big impact on our economic competitiveness. more
How the World Recruits Teachers
Recruiting great teachers is critically important. See how successful nations go about it. more
From Closing the Talent Gap report. (McKinsey & Company)
New Strategies Needed for Teacher Recruitment
Every teacher in the best school systems in the world graduated at the top of the class. Not so in the United States. more
Minnijean Brown Trickey (left), one of the "Little Rock Nine," with Secretary Duncan. (
International Perspectives on U.S. Education Policy and Practice
US Secretary of Education points to Asia Society findings in back-to-school speech. more
What Can America Learn?
Students in many countries now out-rank American students academically. Top-performing nations sound off on reforms that worked. more
Singapore's Global Schools for a Global Society
It is the most globalized place on earth. And they built an education system to match. more