21st-Century Skills

Students at Collegiate School in Virginia.

A collection of curricular resources and articles about the skills needed for the 21st century.

Articles and Resources

For a good job in 21st Century, learn Chinese, U.S. Ambassador to China says.
A Houston school goes from being on a "death march" to "exemplary."
Advice on how to offer an excellent education to every student.
Hello there, transference! A tech-tonic shift in educating for the global knowledge economy.
Common standards for career and technical education (CTE)
How students learn 21st century skills and the pedagogy needed for new learning styles.
Whether you are 8, 18 or 28, it's clear: global competence can open up new job opportunities for you.
The new Common Core State Standards view global awareness as an essential feature of college and career readiness. Learn how to teach it.
Eight types of hashtags and a list of who to follow for educators teaching about and connecting with the world.
US Department of Education hosts a meeting on how the world's best school systems prepare and elevate teachers.
Different sectors in Singapore gather to study workforce demands of the future, and plan how to create a supply of highly qualified workers.
See how common core curricula equips students with the rigorous skills needed to become both globally competent citizens and college/career-ready individuals.
Water security is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century. This lesson helps students understand issues, and take action.
The new district superintendent listened to the community and transformed his district.
Is the next generation receiving an adequate education?
A primer for elementary school classrooms.
The science classroom is a powerful place for students to take action on worldwide problems and opportunities.


School leaders, teachers, and students discuss the importance of global competence.
As part of Asia Society's Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teachers: TEQ Series, this video features an edited 30-minute classroom lesson interspersed with commentary and paired with a lesson plan and interviews.
New York
Marc Chun of the Hewlett Foundation moderates a student panel at Asia Society's 2014 Partnership for Global Learning Conference.

Asia Society has a network of nearly 30 schools throughout the country whose trademark is educational excellence and global innovation. Learn more! (4 min., 32 sec.)

Brandeis University President Jehuda Reinharz explains what he sees as the purpose of a liberal arts education.

Delia Pompa (National Council of La Raza) discusses the opportunities and benefits of learning languages in afterschool programs. (3 min., 57 sec.)