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Do you think the U.S. and China can forge a partnership on climate change? Vote and share your thoughts.

I am sure that any

I am sure that any agreements can be forged between the U.S. and Chinese groups working together. The Chinese govenment has gone overboard in promoting all that can be done in a myriad of areas. The challenges the Chinese government faces at home in helping shape a safe, prosperousChina show that their hardwork and reaching out a friendly hand have paid off. I am in awe of the Chinese and what they have done - they have faced criticism valiantly and forged ahead.

Daniel has a good point, and

Daniel has a good point, and that is certainly true in the short and medium term. However, China's been improving the business climate for companies who develop renewable power, making them an attractive country to invest in. The U.S., by contrast, is not, in my opinion because the oil & gas lobby is too powerful here to allow bills incentivizing renewable energy to be passed. This could create a dynamic in the future where China is pushing for greater global use of renewable power because Chinese companies own the technology. However, neither country has the political will to do anything about climate change in the short term.

China's and US interests -

China's and US interests - economical, political are different. In fact China developing economy is using all available resources notwithstanding to costs - it is main political goal of their leaders - dream shared by nation. Climat change is not at consideration. Bgds

If only one partner in a

If only one partner in a relationship is giving, and the other partner is only taking, it isn't a real relationship. China, like Israel, only gives bribes to our politicians, and that doesn't count. Thus, China isn't a real partner, just a parasite state, sucking off our prosperity and our fears of reproach. They were given most-favored-nation status, and that very afternoon they shot dead thousands of protesting students. Romania did the same, and American media covered it up completely. American mass media thinks there is no such thing as a bad communist, that it was all a just big mistake, unlike the Nazis who were terribly evil, possibly because they tried to kill all communists and their allies and fellow travelers.

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