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religions and philosophies

China's Great Sage
Students read, analyze, and paraphrase translations from The Analects as a means of understanding key elements of Confucianism. more
Statue of Buddha in India
The Religions of South Asia
The complex and important role of religion in South Asia, from the earliest civilizations to present. more
A Buddha statue in Sakya Monastery, Seattle, WA. (Wonderlane/flickr)
The Origins of Buddhism
The life of Buddha, the emergence of Buddhism, basic tenets, and major sects throughout Asia. more
Shakti statue
Shakti: The Power of the Feminine
On Hinduism's power of the feminine and goddess worship. more
Ardashir feeds molten metal to Haftvad the Worm: Page from a manuscript of the Shahnama (Beesnest_McClain/Flickr)
Shahnama: The Book of Kings
Learn about the political and social changes under Iran's Safavid Dynasty by examining the Book of Kings. more
An example of an 18th century landscape. Collection of Ho-Am Art Museum, South Korea.
Religious Influence on Korean Art
An overview of religious influence on Korean art throughout history. more
Temple in Vietnam (vicguinda/Flickr)
Religion in Vietnam
An introductory essay on Vietnamese world view throughout the ages. more
A Christian shrine in the Philippines (lyng883/Flickr)
Religion in the Philippines
The Philippines boasts to be the only Christian nation in Asia. Learn about its religious diversity and history. more
 A leaf from a popular Indian comic book version of Ramayana.
Tragedy, love, deception, envy, adventure - who knew religious texts could be so epic? more
Laozi: The Old Master
A short introduction to Laozi and Daoism. more