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Worldwide Locations

English Language Arts are Global Competencies

The English Language Arts (ELA) program for a global focused school is designed to ensure that students are both globally competent and college ready. To achieve those goals, students are asked to understand, analyze, evaluate, embrace, harness, and create the different uses of language and communication they will need in the 21st century.

The ELA program hinges on student opportunities to explore and investigate multiple genres and text structures. They will generate their own questions and responses to these texts. The students will experience being a part of a community of readers and writers while they make sense of the enduring truth: language shapes and reflects human experience.

The ELA performance outcomes and rubric that measure students’ knowledge and skills have four domains: investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action. Within each of these categories are specific skills, knowledge, and dispositions that will guide teachers in their decisions for what should, and how it can, be taught with an English Language Arts class. Tasks that reflect the outcomes should be used to evaluate whether a student has met the collegeready standards of the ELA curriculum.

Within the ELA class, students will develop their voice as writers; use a variety of communication tools for advocacy; and create original material that reflects their understanding of the world.

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