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Discuss: Health Insurance for the Urban Poor



On Wednesday, May 19, Asher Hasan discussed Naya Jeevan, a social enterprise that is dedicated to rejuvenating the lives of low-income families throughout the emerging world by providing them with affordable access to quality, catastrophic healthcare. The California-based not-for-profit offers its insurance program at subsidized rates under a novel national group health insurance mode.

Share your thoughts: Assuming that the cost of quality health insurance in the developing world is very cheap (e.g. Less than $1.50/adult/month), do corporations have a social or moral obligation to provide health insurance to a) uninsured, contract workers in their supply chains (raw material providers, distributors, retailers) or the informal household  staff of their own employees (e.g. driver, maid, cook)? What about the employee’s spouse and children?

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