The World Doesn't Care About Pakistan? This Guy Does.

The latest viral video on YouTube visits Pakistan's latest flood disaster, a song created in response to an article published in

Pakistan every body hates you
When the flood comes and takes your land
When the flood comes to break you
If you were any other country foreign aid would be pouring in
But only $16 and 36 cents for each of your men women and children
Some say: Donor fatigue
Others say: it's your government
Some say it's the recession some say it's cause you're Muslim
Some folks claim it's the way it's framed in the media
But $16 and 36 cents, we can do better
I was struck
By this article
And by the end I was ready to give
But there was no link
For me to click on
And I'm really not sure why that is
Where's the number that I can text to
Which charity is best what's the most effective
Of my dollars
When I google it I get confused, there's just too many options
I want to be sure I'm really helping
Pakistan I know that I don't hate you
I want to give you what I can
So you can recreate you
I want to know where to give where it can really reach you

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