US Agribiz Eyes India

Asia Society Associate Fellow Mira Kamdar
Asia Society Associate Fellow Mira Kamdar

The input costs for farmers in India are on the rise, and with the government no longer assuring a minimum price for their crops, many are struggling to compete against industrial scale farming. US agribusiness firms have pushed genetically modified crops as an attractive way for Indian farmers to increase their output. Yet many Indian farmers are finding themselves trapped into a cycle of buying expensive, patented seeds.

Asia Society Associate Fellow Mira Kamdar discussed the mounting agricultural crisis in India today with WNYC's Leonard Lopate for his Underreported segment.

Listen to the entire conversation here: 

Kamdar on the rise of GMO crops in India: "I think the goal is to really make every single thing that people can eat be a patented, genetically modified product!" 

Mira Kamdar is the author of Planet India