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Are Stereotypes in the Media Funny or Just Distasteful?

<i>Outsourced</i>, on NBC. (

When it comes to stereotypes, are we more politically correct for some communities and less for others? What's funny and what's just inappropriate? 

Tough Questions for Sri Lanka During UNGA

A Sri Lankan vendor displays daily newspapers in Colombo on September 9, 2010. President Mahinda Rajapakse, 64, secured the required two-thirds majority with 161 votes in the 225-member parliament, state television announced. (Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP/Getty Images)

With the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York, Sri Lanka's President Mahinada Rajapaksa and Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris are likely to face tough questions about the country's political reconciliation after decades of brutal civil war.

Sri Lanka's Growing Authoritarianism

Sri Lankan lawyers carry a makeshift coffin during a protest in Colombo on September 7, 2010 against a draft bill of the constitution that is being rushed through parliament on an urgent basis. (Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP/Getty Images)
Policy Thousands of Sri Lankans are joining demonstrations against a controversial new amendment to the constitution, which would abolish limits on the number of presidential terms and increase the president's powers.

Photo of the Day: Sri Lankan Fire Dancers


Sri Lankan firedancers perform outside the Buddhist Temple of the Tooth, as they take part in a procession during the Esala Perahera festival in Kandy on August 24, 2010.

Photo of the Day: Life's A Pitch


Up close on the third day of the match between India and Sri Lanka.

A New Twist to Summer Cocktails

Food & Recipes

With the temperature slowly rising, nothing tops off a good summer’s day like a delicious cocktail. This summer, the nation’s first tea sommelier, James Labe, proudly introduces his new recipes of iced tea cocktails using ZEN Green Tea Liqueur.


House Biryani (Photo by <a href=snowpea&bokchoi/flickr)" src="">
Food & Recipes

Serves 16-18
Cooking time: approximately 20-25 minutes
Oven temperature 170-190°C (350-370°F)


Sesame Seed and Palm Sugar Balls

(Photo by Sifu Renka/Flickr)
Food & Recipes


2 cups sesame seeds
500 g/1 lb palm sugar (jaggery)
generous pinch of salt


Potato Alluwa (Potato and Cashew Nut Fudge)

(Photo by HD41117/Flickr)
Food & Recipes

This sublime candy depends on the humble potato for its texture and flavour and is a favorite in Sri Lanka.


375 g/12 oz/1 1/2 cups sugar
375 ml/12 fl oz/1 1/2 cups milk
400 g/14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
125 g/4 oz ghee or butter
1 cup cooked, smoothly mashed potato
185 g/6 oz finely chopped raw cashew nuts
2 tablespoons rose water
or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional)



Puttu (Photo by <a href=Premshree Pillai/flickr)" src="">
Food & Recipes Puttu (or Pittu) is steamed in narrow cylindrical molds with a loose, perforated base. These are sold in shops specialising in Indian and Sri Lankan ingredients. Improvise by using a narrow tin about 12 cm (5 in) long and 6 cm (2 1/4 in) wide, with a press-on lid. A Dutch cocoa can is the perfect size and shape. Cut away base of can and invert so the lid is now the base. Drill small holes in the lid so steam can penetrate. After steaming, remove lid and push the steamed rice cake through the wider opening.