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A Global 'Green' New Deal Still Within Reach

(United Nations Photo/Flickr)

The latest turmoil in global stock markets following Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade its rating of the United States government has led many to fear another serious economic downturn. We asked our Sustainability Roundtable to discuss what hopes might exist for global cooperation on sustainability issues like food security, energy policy, and climate change amid a renewed economic crisis. Is it possible for any of these issues to play an important part of international policy discussions?

On Sustainable Development, UN Should Focus on Small Steps, Tangible Goals

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2009. (World Economic Forum/Flickr)

During a recent speech to the World Trade Organization, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that sustainable development will be the United Nations’ top priority during his second term. What have been the United Nations greatest contributions to the area of sustainable development under Secretary General Ban Ki-moon? What steps can the organization take to better address the variety of issues surrounding sustainable development, such as climate change, food security, alternative energy, and water?

Fighting Against the 'Dark Omens' of Rising Sea Levels

Rickshaw drive in the flooded streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2007. (Sumaiya Ahmed/Flickr)

Last week, a report in Nature Geoscience revealed that polar ice may be melting faster than previously thought, leading to a more significant rise in sea levels throughout the course of the century. We asked our Sustainability Roundtable to discuss the implications of the warming of the oceans and the subsequent rise in sea levels. What will these phenomena mean for the future development of Asian countries? Are there opportunities for regional cooperation in dealing with the consequences of these environmental changes?