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Better Climate Forecasting the Best Way to Protect Farmers

Wheat crop, India. (Simone D. McCourtie/World Bank/Flickr)

This week, we asked our Sustainability Roundtable about the growing concern that the world’s food supply is in serious danger over the long run. What can the developing and developed countries of Asia do to make their agricultural sector more resilient in the face of future climate shocks? How can these countries cope with a potentially crisis-inducing rise in food prices, growth in population, and increase in demand?

Basic Research the Key to Climate Mitigation, Adaptation

Some climate scientists believe that the summer 2010 floods in Pakistan (above) and heatwave in Russia came from the same climate pattern. (Sajjad Qayyum/AFP/Getty Images)

Columbia Water Center experts assess the shortcomings of the recent G8 summit, and the pressing need for basic climate science.