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Photos: Manta Rays and the Medicinal Belief That Is Killing Them

Indonesia, recognizing mantas as iconic marine creatures with incredible tourism potential value, just declared the world's biggest manta sanctuary at 2.3 million sq. miles. (Shawn Heinrichs for WildAid/Conservation International)

Investigative conservation journalist Shawn Heinrichs sheds light on Indonesia's endangered manta ray population.

Photos: Activist Swims with Sharks (and Models) to Expose Overfishing, Habitat Loss

Underwater model Hannah Fraser poses in long flowing fabrics with a magnificent whale shark in Oslob, Philippines in November 2012. (Shawn Heinrichs/Blue Sphere Media)

Investigative conservation journalist Shawn Heinrichs seeks to combine powerful stories with captivating images to reach millions and mobilize them to action.

Interview: Filmmaker Jason Taylor Sheds Light on Goa's Struggling Fishermen

A scene from Jason Taylor's 'Goa . fishing net ~ profit,' depicting calm waters in Goa.

A closer look at how trawlers have led to dramatic declines in local fishing in Goa, India. Local fishermen must now turn to dolphin-watching trips for tourists to make a living.

Photo of the Day: Bangladesh Fishing


Bangladeshi domestic workers net-fishing a private pond in the village of Choddogram, in the district of Comilla, Bangladesh in January 2000. (Shams Tarek)