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Multimedia: Rohingya Refugees Refused Access on World Refugee Day

On Sunday June 10, 2012, Myanmar declared a state of emergency in the western state of Rakhine after clashes between Buddhists and Rohingya left 50 people dead. The Rohingya are a Muslim people who live in the Arakan region of Myanmar.

Ten days later, more than 90,000 Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar to the Bangladeshi border, only to be denied access. The irony? June 20 is World Refugee Day.

Rohingya Refugees Refused Access on World Refuge Day

Where will the Rohingya go?

Storified by Asia Society · Wed, Jun 20 2012 12:11:15

As more and more refugees get turned away, the world reacts with photos, statistics and the big question: Why is Bangladesh refusing them entry?
Sectarian Unrest in Burma Sees Dozens Dead, Thousands Fleeing
UN: 90,000 have fled Burma ethnic violence #Burma #Myanmar #Rohingya #RakhineAsian Correspondent
Bangladesh: Stop Boat Push-backs to Burma
Why are Rohingyas being refused entry into ... - The Daily Star20 hours ago ... Myanmar is a multi-religious country with 60 million people. Statistics show that 89% of the population are Buddhists,...
Bangladesh's Right of RefusalDHAKA, Bangladesh - The Rohingyas of Myanmar would seem to be a most impolite people. They refuse to die. A population of Muslims descend...
As the world contemplates why Bangladesh is refusing these refugees access, people around the world take to Twitter to discuss the bigger picture.
Tragically ironic that #Bangladesh is pushing back boats of #Rohingya to #Burma, including kids, on World Refugee Day Pearson
The real reason for ethnic violence in western Myanmar Sentinel
Why are minority #Rohingya #Muslims denied citizenship in #Myanmar ? @AJInsideStory discusses | Jazeera English
Oslo Forum - DVB 18.06.2012dvbburmese
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi: When you talk about #Rohingya, we r NOT quite sure who u are talking about. Oslo Forum @18:19 in Zarni
@KshatriyaMramma @seacorro @KrisKoles "Murky history" doesn't justify persecution, vilification and denial of basic human rights #RohingyaRichard Lloyd Parry
Sad tale of #Rohingya plight in #Burma has for long time been ignored by mainstream Western media! They r indigenous n deserve full rights!iqbal jassat
8888 Generation Student Leaders' Press Conference With English Subtitles.avi2hhtay
Profoundly depressing video of #88Generation hero Ko Ko Gyi washing his hands of the #Rohingya Lloyd Parry
While the refugees wait at the Bangladeshi border, back in Myanmar, the two men who raped and murdered a Buddhist woman, setting off this communal violence, get sentenced in court.
Will the #Burmese government address the violence issue in #Rohingya? reports Parameswaran Ponnudurai @RadioFreeAsiaAsia Society
2 condemned in killing blamed for Myanmar violence - NY Daily NewsA court in Myanmar has sentenced two men to death for the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman whose killing last month helped set off com...

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