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Asian Pacific American Q&A Series

We began interviewing noteworthy Asian Americans as a way to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2013. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue the series indefinitely. You can find our complete archive below.

'Gook' Director Justin Chon's Quest To Ignite Conversations

Arts An interview with the actor, writer, and director whose new film explores Korean-black relations during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.
August 15th by Samuel Chiou |

Growing Up Asian, Gay, and Religious

Current Affairs Jeff Chu: “I'm not just gay, I'm also Chinese. I'm not just Chinese, I'm also Christian.”
June 29th by Juan Machado |

Novelist Min Jin Lee on the 'Eternal Foreignness' of Being Asian American

Arts The Korean-American writer discusses her work profiling Japan's marginalized Korean population.
May 24th by Juan Machado |

Six Questions for Violinist Anne Akiko Meyers

Arts The prolific and popular classical musician discusses her prized instrument, her diverse repertoire, and the importance of a great lunch.
May 23rd by Matt Schiavenza |

Dwayne Johnson’s Stuntman: ‘I’m Typecast Often and That’s Alright'

Current Affairs Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's longtime body double Myles Humphus explains how stereotypes have actually helped his career.
May 22nd by Michelle FlorCruz |

Why Korean Food Is Having its Moment

Food & Recipes Lifestyle The chef and restaurateur Sohui Kim explains why the once-neglected Asian cuisine has become so popular around the world.
May 19th by Juan Machado |

Preserving — and Reinventing — New York’s Chinatown

Current Affairs With the restoration of her family's century-old shop, Mei Lum is showing that the neighborhood is more than just dim sum and fake handbags.
May 15th by Christine Hsieh |

Director Lawrence Chen on the Importance of the 'Outsider Perspective'

Current Affairs "The idea of growing up being a 'foreigner' in the country I was living in has made me look at everything from an outsider's perspective."
May 12th by Michelle FlorCruz |

From 'Unassimilable' to 'Exceptional': An Evolution of Asian American Stereotypes

Current Affairs Sociologist Jennifer Lee discusses the "model minority" stereotype, why it persists, and how it influences Asian American outcomes.
May 10th by Eric Fish |

Sanjita Pradhan on Working With Rural Refugees and Rebuking President Trump

Current Affairs The Nepali-American immigrant describes her work with refugees in Iowa and explains why she publicly resigned from a presidential advisory commission of Asian Americans.
May 5th by Eric Fish |