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2012: Asia's Year in Review

Join us as we look back on noteworthy events and trends from the past year, and look forward to what they might mean for 2013. Check back for daily updates into the new year.

China’s Power Structure, Five Years From Now

Columbia Professor Andrew Nathan discusses the role of factional relationships, institutionalization of leadership roles, and the vitality of the new leaders in the make up of China's next five years.
January 18th by Saira Siddiqi |

Videos: Will Xi Jinping Differ From His Predecessors?

Policy Political scientist Andrew Nathan discusses newly installed Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s relationship to his predecessors Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin, the likelihood of political reform under Xi.
January 18th by Susan Jakes |

Will Xi Jinping Be Different From His Predecessors?

Professor Andrew Nathan of Columbia University discusses how leadership changes in China are shaped by the times more than straying from the Chinese Communist Party mission.
January 17th by Saira Siddiqi |

Did Political Reformers Lose Out in the Leadership Transition?

Columbia Professor Andrew Nathan discusses the idea of reform in China, how economic reform differs from the idea of political reform, and the how reform is defined in both ways.
January 16th by Saira Siddiqi |

2013: Sino-Japanese Relations on the Rocks

Policy John Ciorciari argues that in 2013, economic concerns should take precedence over nationalism in the conflict over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands.
January 4th by John Ciorciari |

After Year of Transitions in Northeast Asia, 2013 Needs to Be a Year of Leadership

Policy With resurgent nationalism just one trend potentially threatening the region, the new leaders settling into office need to provide steady hands.
January 2nd by Michael Kulma |

2013 Gives Korean Leaders Chance to Right Fathers' Wrongs

Policy Associate Fellow Katharine Moon says the Korean peninsula's dynastic leaders have a chance to improve on the mistakes of their fathers — but the obstacles are many.
January 1st by Katharine Moon |

Photos of the Day: Asia Celebrates the Arrival of 2013

Multimedia Amidst face paint, fireworks and festivities, countries around Asia rejoice at the beginning of a new year.
January 1st by Tahiat Mahboob |

Photos: From Linsanity to Galloping Gangnam, a Look Back at Asia in 2012

Multimedia As the world bids 2012 adieu, we look back at some of the year's most memorable people and events from Asia.
December 31st by Tahiat Mahboob |

2013, and Beyond: Why Reform May Be Mission Impossible for China's Xi Jinping

Policy Facing many different political factions and conflicts, the cards are stacked against China's new leader, writes Ouyang Bin.
December 28th by Ouyang Bin |