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2011: Asia's Year in Review

Asia Society experts and fellows look back on noteworthy events and trends from the past year, and look forward to what they might mean for 2012. Check back for daily updates into the new year.

Climate Change, Maids and Refugees: Asian Migration in 2011

Policy In the Asia-Pacific region, large-scale migration continues to be an upwardly trending phenomenon and, sadly, migrant vulnerability and exploitation is glaringly apparent, writes Andrew Billo.
December 30th by Andrew Billo |

2011: The Year of Social Media in Pakistan

Lifestyle Social media has been the single most important platform for the silent Pakistani majority to share its rejection of terrorism, writes Ayesha Haroon.
December 30th by Ayesha Haroon |

2012: 5 Asia Finance Trends to Watch For

Business Credit is tightening, economic growth is moderating, and property prices are finally falling, yet Asia remains one of the few true growth regions of the world, writes Sheridan Prasso.
December 29th by Sheridan Prasso |

2012: Watch Out For the Chinese Bachelors

Lifestyle A severe gender imbalance will leave 40 million Chinese men without a bride, writes Alexandra Harney.
December 29th by Alexandra Harney |

2011: In Thailand, the Pardon That Wasn't

Policy Whatever you think of Thaksin Shinawatra, his refusal to return to Thailand has been destabilizing for the country, writes Duncan McCargo.
December 28th by Duncan McCargo |

2011: Hu Yong Looks Back on the Year in Chinese Media (New and Old)

Policy The only useful outlet for the expression of popular concerns in China is the internet, says new media expert Hu Yong.
December 28th by Susan Jakes |

Lintner: Here's Why 2011 Will Not be Seen as the 'Year of Change' in Burma

Policy "As the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, the situation appears depressingly normal," writes Bertil Lintner.
December 27th by Bertil Lintner |

2011: The Year of the Southeast Asia Mini-Crisis

Policy A look back at 2011's "micro-disputes" in Southeast Asia may provide a glimpse into the types of spats the region will continue to face, writes Andrew Billo.
December 27th by Andrew Billo |

2012: Coming Year's Leadership Transitions Could Have Major Asia Impact

Policy The stage is set for increased scrutiny around upcoming elections in Taiwan, the United States and South Korea, and a leadership transition scheduled to take place in China, writes Michael Kulma.
December 27th by Michael Kulma |

2011: Cooling Temperatures in the South China Sea

Policy Understanding China's definition of its "core interests" is the key to its territorial disputes with several neighbors, writes Fudan University's Shen Dingli.
December 26th by Shen Dingli |