Peter Jennings PSM on Australia's Strategic Outlook: Glass half full or half empty?
Key facts on the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship
This month Asia Society Australia is exploring Indonesia and Australia's relationship with its northern neighbour
The Australian-Indonesian relationship has taken yet another blow following the recent executions of two Australians in Bali.
The Nepal Earthquake - ways to help
ANZAC100: Remembering Australian-Asian Service Men and Women and our Indo-Pacific allies
Australia needs a compelling, candid and imaginative story about its engagement with China, according to the Asia Society Australia CEO, Philipp Ivanov and Professor Kerry Brown, Executive Director of the China Studies Centre.
Jan Adams, Australia’s most senior trade diplomat, spoke about the complexities and intricacies of negotiating Australia’s landmark free-trade agreements with Korea, Japan and China – all concluded in 2014
Australian Ambassador Bruce Miller, briefed senior members of Asia Society Australia on the current state and future prospects of the Australia-Japan bilateral relationship and recently concluded JAEPA on 20 March 2015 in Sydney

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