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Crisis in Japan: Public Responses, Private Responses

A man cycles past upturned cars and tsunami wrought devastation in Natori City, Miyagi prefecture on March 14, 2011. (Mike Clarke /AFP/Getty Images)

The recent catastrophes in Japan have caused unfathomable suffering and sorrow. That the nuclear disaster followed so closely after the large-scale earthquake has not only exponentially amplified the scale of the tragedy, but has also posed unique challenges to both individuals and groups in responding to the situation. This free public forum will provide a much-needed discussion of both public and private responses to the horrors in Japan, with plenty of opportunity for questions and comments from the audience.

Dr. Claire Maree, recently appointed Lecturer in Japanese, will speak on the role of the mass media in the weeks following the disaster. In particular, she will focus on the widespread frustrations with what has been perceived as deliberate obfuscation by the Japanese government and news outlets.

Dr. Ikuko Nakane, Senior Lecturer and Convenor of the Japanese Program at the University of Melbourne, will provide reports from on-the-ground survivors of the tragedy, offering an insight into the experiences of some of those individuals who have been affected by both the earthquake and the nuclear crisis, and how people of different generations and regional affiliations have struggled to react to this living nightmare.

Associate Professor Carolyn Stevens, former Convenor of Japanese, cultural anthropologist and author of Japanese Popular Music: Culture, Authenticity and Power, will explore how the recent events have affected attitudes toward technology in Japan, challenging the widespread and longstanding Japanese belief in progress.

Event moderator to be confirmed.

Date: Tuesday 12 April 2011

Time: 6.30 - 8:00 pm
Venue: The University of Melbourne, Sidney Myer Asia Centre (theatre to be confirmed).


Event Details

Tue 12 Apr 2011
2:30pm - 4:00pm

The University of Melbourne, Sidney Myer Asia Centre – Theatre to be confirmed. Melbourne

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