PSA Past Winners


Naya Jeevan

NAYA JEEVAN® is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is dedicated to rejuvenating the lives of low-income families throughout the emerging world by providing them with affordable access to quality, catastrophic healthcare. Naya Jeevan offers its insurance program in Pakistan at subsidized rates under a novel national group health insurance model (underwritten by Allianz-EFU, IGI, Saudi Pak and Insurance,. At Naya Jeevan we work in collaboration with corporate, academic, and non-profit institutions so that we can catalyze a new wave of social responsibility that can be leveraged to realize a positive sustainable outcome for all stakeholders. We believe that philanthropy should not be a transient, ad-hoc event but be institutionalized as a fully integrated part of our society.



Embrace advances maternal and child health by delivering innovative solutions to the world’s most vulnerable populations. They catalyze the creation of products with strong potential to improve the health outcomes in developing countries and work to get those products directly to the people who need them the most. Embrace has designed a low-cost infant warmer that addresses the challenge of caring for hypothermic infants by warming and regulating their body temperature, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional incubator. The Embrace infant warmer does not require constant electricity, is portable and lightweight, locally reparable, and allows mothers to breastfeed while providing maternal support.


Roots of Health

Roots of Health (Ugat ng Kalusugan) is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the health of women and girls, and their communities, in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, in the Philippines. Roots of Health empowers women and girls to secure their right to health and freedom from violence, and to support and protect the health and well-being of their children, by providing education focused on reproductive health, critical thinking and human rights, as well as access to clinical services.


Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME)

HOME responds to the very specific and special needs of a growing number of migrant workers in Singapore, now numbering approximately 900,000.  Apart from providing temporary shelter, food, and medical services to those who face work-related problems including abuse from their employers, the organization has also extended help desk services, legal aid and financial assistance to its beneficiaries, as well as vocational skills training in such areas as English language proficiency and IT.


Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal)

PA Nepal is an NGO based in Kathmandu that conducts prison welfare work, provides a home for children who would otherwise be in jail with a convicted parent, and further allows them the opportunity to attend school.  It continues to rescue children from prisons around the country and currently supports more than 300 youth across Nepal, ranging in age from 18 months to 18 years.


Mashahd Positive Club (Hamyaran Mosbat-NGO)

Mashahd Positive Club, an Iranian-based organization, works with people living with HIV/AIDS in Iran. Its activities include Positive Prevention, Psychosocial Support to PLHIV, Peer Education and Counseling services. Mashhad Positive Club was also one of the recipients of UNAIDS’s Red Ribbon Award in 2008.


Odanadi Seva Samasthe

Odanadi Seva Samasthe runs a relentless campaign to expose and curb the flesh trade. Odanadi has emerged as a leading and powerful voice advocating the cause of prostituted women in India. The younger children (usually children of sex workers and orphans picked off the streets) are provided informal education from 1st through the 6th standards and formal education at government schools nearby. These children also reside at the center and are provided food and other facilities.


The Chi Heng Foundation

The Chi Heng Foundation is a charitable organization based in Hong Kong that was founded in 1998. The foundation focuses its work within China, where it addresses AIDS prevention, targeting vulnerable groups and care for AIDS patients and their children. The organization is governed by a board of directors (non-paid), who supervise a group of staff and volunteers in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shenzhen.