The Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative promotes mutual understanding and effective collaboration among the next generation’s influential leaders. These collaborations are crucial because they provide the opportunity for growth, address a country’s or the region’s most pressing challenges, and demonstrate the impact that the Asia 21 initiative and its network provide to the Asia-Pacific region.

We consistently hear from Asia 21 Young Leaders that they have been inspired by the accomplishments, stories, and insights shared by their peers at Summits, forums, and local chapter gatherings, and that they use these experiences to elevate their own work.

Often, we also hear about collaborations between Young Leaders whose worlds would otherwise never have collided.

Here are a few highlights that demonstrate the Asia 21 impact, the collaboration and camaraderie of the Asia 21 Young Leaders, and their relationship with Asia Society:

Asia 21 Young Leaders in Action

"We are still ONE and in times like this we break barriers and we remember that we are all brothers and sisters," said relief activist Anya Lim.
As Asia Society's Afghanistan 21 Young Leaders prepare to meet in Kabul, Asia Blog spoke with former fellows about the year ahead, which will bring a new president and the withdrawal of U.S. troops.
Introducing the latest group of fellows in Asia Society's landmark Afghanistan 21 program.
At a recent Asia Society forum in Islamabad 11 rising stars shared personal stories and their visions for Indo-Pakistan relations, and their recommendations to turn those common dreams into reality in the not too distant future.
Asia 21 Young Leaders teamed together and came up with a unique set of strategies to enhance the discussions of universal health care.
A group of Asia 21 Young Leaders spent a week in Bhutan, carrying out public service activities relating to their areas of expertise.
Umanga Pandey from Nepal and Jinqian Liu from China collaborate on Nepal's issues.
Dr. Cora De Ungria and Atty. Damcelle Torres-Cortes share their advocacies on promoting human rights.
With the upcoming elections, the youth learned how to responsibly exercise their right to vote.
During the months of April and May, New York City will play host to 125 artists from Cambodia.
Asia 21 Young Leaders Doris Dumlao and Mark Ruiz share their experiences at the World Economic Forum in Davos last January and their insights on how to become a leader for the future.
Firsthand impressions of the remarkable "leadership stories" shared at Asia Society's December 2012 Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Thirteen of the Asia 21 Young Leaders from the Philippines gathered to talk about their upcoming activities and possible collaborations within the group.
Experts weigh in from China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
Rommel Juan, co-founder of Binalot Fiesta Foods, shares insights on the book.
Asia 21 Young Leaders Class of 2011 chose Roots of Health as PSA Winner
Emerging leaders present report in Bonn.
PNoy & Pinoy: A Year After, a pre-SONA forum