Asia 21 Summit

The Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, part of the larger Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative, is the pre-eminent gathering of Asia’s most dynamic young leaders from every country and every sector in the Asia-Pacific region.  The Summit brings together a core group of over 150 Asia 21 Young Leaders Fellows and delegates from Asia and the U.S, representing a wide range of fields, and all under the age of 40.

The Summit aims to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the challenges and responsibilities of global citizenship by bringing together delegates from across the region to generate creative, cross-sectoral approaches to leadership and problem solving; to build networks of trust across geographic boundaries; and to educate each other in the highest ideals of values-based leadership.

At the invitation-only, three-day Summit, young leaders have the opportunity to discuss various best practices in leadership, dichotomies in the world we live in, and what new generations may do to create new opportunities for partnerships, sustainability, and cooperation. Delegates also develop group public service projects, which they will administer through the next year. In addition to a keynote speech, breakout sessions and group discussions, the Summit features an array of lively performances, and a special blog.