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Eko Nugroho and Wayang Bocor January 12–14, 2017
Eko Nugroho at Asia Society
New Report: 'Making a Museum in the 21st Century'

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Takuya Kuroda heralds new generation of jazz from Japan.
Apr. 25: Contemporary ballet company produces narrative dance film.
Nalini Malani shares insights into her video/shadow-play exhibition.
An unforgettable evening of high style was in full bloom at Asia Society Texas Center.
The late James Cahill was a major figure in the study of Chinese painting and its history in the West.
CAA recognition lauds catalogue accompanying 2013 Asia Society Museum exhibition as a "probing study."
 /  India
Asian Heritage Foundation's Rajeev Sethi joins Asia Society President Emerita Vishakha Desai for a conversation on public art.
New York
Amy Tan's latest novel draws on her own family stories to explore the world of early-1900s Shanghai.
Asia Society Texas Center announces the appointment of Evan Wildstein and Bridget Bray to its staff.
Complete list of our Asia Week events — March 14-22, 2014.
Mentor texts help develop children's natural storytelling abilities. Even in Chinese!
Los Angeles-based band Dengue Fever transforms Texas Center into dance hall.
Shohei Imamura's depiction of "pure evil, remote and inhuman" comes to Asia Society New York.
More than 45 years after its release, Shohei Imamura's groundbreaking film only becomes more and more relevant.
Houston-based ensemble Musiqa takes the stage for its first collaboration with the Texas Center.
Feb. 8 - Houston Arts Alliance's Voices of the Spirit returns to Texas Center stage.
A look back at Asia Society's most popular videos in 2013 shows viewers' tastes running the gamut from music to politics to film.
'Valley of Amazement' stems from a new and surprising family revelation.

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