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Papermoon Puppet Theatre: 'Mwathirika' (Complete)

Indonesia's Papermoon Puppet Theater reinvents traditional puppetry in a mixed-media production exploring themes of identity, society and Indonesia's recent past. more
An image from the Papermoon Puppet Theatre's 'Mwathirika.' (Indra Wicaksono)

Interview: Indonesian Troupe Uses Puppets to Remember a Difficult History

An Indonesian puppet theater uses an unconventional medium to portray a period of political turmoil. more

Erin Mee: The Intricacies of Kutiyattam

NEW YORK, September 8, 2012 — NYU theater professor Erin Mee discusses the history and structure of the oldest surviving form of Sanskrit theater from Kerala, India called Kutiyattam. more

Kutiyattam: The Abandonment of Sita (Complete)

South Indian group Natanakairali perform The Abandonment of Sita through Kutiyattam, the oldest surviving form of Sanskrit theater from Kerala, India. more
In New York on Jan. 11, director Peter Sellars relates John Adams's Nixon in China to Mozart and musical history. (2 min., 48 sec.)
Peter Sellars: 'Nixon in China' and the Power of Music
The legendary opera director argues, "Music doesn't soften the message, it deepens it." more
Asia 21 Philippines Fellows give their evaluation on PNoy
PNoy & Pinoy: A Year After, a pre-SONA forum
Joshua (left) playing jianzi, a Chinese game similar to hacky sack, in a Beijing park. (Joshua Halpern)
Unmasking China through Theater
Joshua Halpern discusses his work increasing dialogue through theater and exchange programs in China. more
Sova Sen in Nabanna, 1944
Contemporary Indian Theatre: An Overview
Learn more about the ancient aesthetic practice of theatre in India. more
Ibrahim Quraishi's 5 Streams (
Interview with Ibrahim Quraishi
The director's latest work, 5 Streams, combines ancient texts from Hindu and Muslim traditions to provide a sensory journey through the realities and mythologies of South Asia. more
In What Language? - An Interview with Ajay Naidu
The versatile actor talks about his latest role, a collaboration with musician Vijay Iyer. more