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(Roger Walch/Flickr)

Noh Unmasked

Musicologist Kevin Salfen reveals the subtle mysteries of Noh and the refined aesthetics of this Japanese theater tradition. more

Creation Station: Japanese Masks and New Year’s Cards

Start your holiday season with a celebration of Japanese culture. more
"33 rpm and a few seconds." (Courtesy the artists)

33 rpm and a few seconds: Lina Saneh/Rabih Mroué

In their semi-documentary theater piece, Rabih Mroué and Lina Saneh reconstruct the final moments of a person’s life. more

Watch: Thai Puppeteers Bring 'Billie Jean'-Era Michael Jackson Back to Life

The headline really says it all. Press play to watch a puppet-sized King of Pop perform one of his biggest hits ... sequin glove, moonwalk and all. more

Chinese Playwrights: Diverse Backgrounds, Common Struggle

Dramatists from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong discover they all have to reconcile artistic integrity with commercial success. more
Yin Mei's earlier dance theater piece "Empty Tradition/City of Peonies." (

Choreographer Yin Mei Recreates China's 'World Gone Mad' Onstage at Asia Society

Yin Mei puts masks, movement, puppetry and text in "conversation" with a famous documentary to re-imagine the Cultural Revolution onstage. more
The Royal Shakespeare Company's upcoming production of "The Orphan of Zhao" has been criticized for its casting by some Asian-American artists.

To Cast, or Not to Cast: Controversy Surrounds RSC Version of Chinese Classic

Not everyone is happy with casting decisions when England's Royal Shakespeare Company mounts a new production of a famous Chinese play. more
'To Kill a Mockingbird,' onstage at Asia Society Hong Kong Center October 12-14, 2012.

Interview: 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Premieres in Hong Kong

As a classic tale of the American South comes to Asia Society Hong Kong's stage, we interview its two co-directors. more
An image from the Papermoon Puppet Theatre's 'Mwathirika.' (Indra Wicaksono)

Interview: Indonesian Troupe Uses Puppets to Remember a Difficult History

An Indonesian puppet theater uses an unconventional medium to portray a period of political turmoil. more
In New York on Jan. 11, director Peter Sellars relates John Adams's Nixon in China to Mozart and musical history. (2 min., 48 sec.)
Peter Sellars: 'Nixon in China' and the Power of Music
The legendary opera director argues, "Music doesn't soften the message, it deepens it." more